Sustainable Smudge Kit

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This sacred offering contains some of the most subtle and sacred fragrances that Mother Earth has to offer. Created to bring peace, balance, and grounding into your life, and turn any area in a sacred space.

+ 1 White Sage Smudge Stick. (Approx 14 cm)

+ 1 Sustainable Palo Santo Stick. (Approx 10 cm)

+ 2 Hand-rolled Copal Incense Sticks. (Approx 14 cm)

+ 1 Activated Selenite Wand. ( Approx 10cm)

+ 1 Sweetgrass Braid. (Approx 12,5cm)

Organic white sage smudge stick delivers a deep and intense purifying smoke that feels like a warm hug from a loving grandma, surrounding you with a profound feeling of safeness.

While the subtle fragrance of this resinous Palo Santo will have a relaxing and uplifting effect, our hand-rolled organic Copal sticks will provide a pungent and penetrating smell.


Brand / Tales of the Wind

Place of Origin / Spain